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Publishing A Book

Publishing a book is, without a doubt, a journey of proper planning to enable a great outcome.

Both the author and readership benefit.


The journey of publishing a book.

For a business book, the topic has to be meaningful.

It has to resonate immediately with the reader.

So, the author has to pitch the book topic with a fine balance throughout. 


Taking away the hassle.

As an author, you choose a book marketplace that is easier for you.

However, you must make a judgement call about reducing the time you spend on administrative functions.

So, if the author wants no hassle, they look for a publisher for support and help.


We are a book publisher.

Wordsmith & Paper Limited, including our brand, The Trainer Explainer®:

  • Has been a bijou and small book publishing house since 2022.

Thus, we go the extra mile to help our clients see their books as a final product.

Our clients are special, and we will choose each other based on mutual respect.

We want to deliver an author's book that will strike a chord of thought!

Therefore, we will achieve customer promises by supporting emerging book authors and their titles only by:

  • Only work directly with book authors and NOT book agents,
  • Choosy to ensure our publishing brand is assured,
  • Managing the registration and coding of your book title,
  • The book cover design is managed by this publishing house,
  • The book manuscript will be prepared and typeset by our publishing house,
  • Book Printing and binding by veterans and disabled - supporting Social Enterprise (RBLI Leatherhead),
  • Enabling a public relations campaign to accelerate the awareness of you as a book author,
  • Providing Digital Marketing to advertise your book via many social media and book publishing channels,
  • Your book is included in our e-commerce shop and beyond,
  • Your book order distribution is managed by this publisher.


Our Publications.

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About this author:

Renford Marsden FLPI

is a learning and development professional and creative.

Always pushing boundaries and stereotypes to show that he is clearly

NOT “pale, male and stale.” for the 50-plus age group.