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Q: Why does the shopping selection of various explainer videos have with and without brief?

A: Some clients may not be able to complete “The Brief” without assistance. Therefore, they will choose to purchase the explainer video without “The Brief” and then book an appointment within our website.

Q: I think your prices are high! – Are they?

A: To be fair, that would be a view. As part of the creative process these prices will cover the usage licences for the following:
professional video editing software, use of any background music purchased under royalty licences, specific photographic images purchased under licence, specific symbol images purchased under licence. Then the charges we incur for security, watermarking and hosting of your completed explainer video – these internal costs are the necessary and mandatory burden of a professional business wanting to give a five-star service to our clients.

Q: What happens if I change my mind after the order is placed?

A: We will hold back in starting any new order for up to 48 hours only. On receipt of an email request to info@thetrainerexplainer.co.uk for a refund, we will refund less our admin charges of up to £100 which includes charges we have to pay to STRIPE for both transactions incurred.