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The Business Owner

The business owner is a creative of digital assets, book author and book publisher.

Renford Marsden, is a creative of digital assets, author and book publisher. Including business books, infographics and explainer videos.

An interest in movies and television led me to become an explainer video creator and hence the trade mark brand.

From a young age, I  had a strong interest and was able to provide factoids to anyone detailing actors and actresses’ names in which films or television series they appeared. It sowed the seed to be able to use elements later on in my professional working life when teaching adults in the business environment.

The benefits of my experiences in different industries.

I have realised that systems problems occur affecting the supply chain, production and manufacturing to the final deliverable is always traced back as process related. In addition, the right solution is clearly to understand the problem with all the stakeholders being involved. Then, communication methodology and end-user training deployment are always the key to success. It never fails whatever product or service that may be involved, as the principle of change implementation is boundless.

Being involved in deployments of change management.

I have gained plenty of varied experiences whilst working on projects in various worldwide locations such as Afghanistan, Africa (North and West), Canada, Denmark, Europe (France, Germany, Italy, The Netherlands), Norway and the USA.

When change management occurs, then naturally this has to be communicated to those that are going to be affected in training delivery. Therefore, I have achieved a recognised Level 3 teaching diploma qualification known as PTLLS and have delivered training in accordance with a Scheme of Work and lesson Plans to achieve the best learning journey for the learners. By hard work, I have been recognised for my talent and creativity.

Upskilling to learn and is a creative of digital assets.

I am not afraid to learn new skills and thus have undertaken and have passed a recognised Level 3 City & Guilds Diploma in Digital Marketing. Which encompassed: learning how to be a creative of digital assets including video leading on to being an explainer video creator. The art of using video content creator software and understanding the relevance of content creation in the digital arena. It has many uses for bite-size learning delivery and it can be cost-effective for the client as well.

Hobbies and Interests.

When I am not being creative. I like and enjoy growing basil and mint herbs using a home hydroponics unit from AeroGarden which is fascinating. In addition, I enjoy undertaking voluntary work to support UK veterans as a member of a military charity. Equally, I am looking forward to when life can be considered normal again to being on a long-distance train to a faraway place with great scenery and amazing cultures.