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  1. 30 Minutes | 50+ Jobseeker to Micro-Business Owner | Price: £150 | Book Now
  2. 60 Minutes | Your Intellectual Property(IP) or Ideas | Price: £200 | Book Now
  3. 60 Minutes | Your Explainer Video | Price £300 | Book Now
  4. 60 Minutes | Publishing Your Book | Price £300 | Book Now

Terms Apply on these Paid Booking Appointments (No Refunds)


Book a Call with MS Teams Consultation & Learn

Who Is This Service For?

My Clients - Where They Seek A Consultation Are?

Small Business Owners, Micro-Business Owners or Solopreneurs

In Need of Help With:

Any Technical Questions Relating to Business Ideas or Intellectual Property from this paperback book:



Any Process Questions Relating: to consider changing from a 50+ Jobseeker to a Micro-Business owner as mentioned in this paperback book:



Helping With the Initial Ideas, Information Gathering, Storyboard Outline, Your Branding Details before the Full Cost of an Explainer Video

Who Is This Service NOT For?

I do NOT offer professional advice on the following:

Legal Advice for Your Business Ideas,

Design or Creating a Branding Kit,

Never, usage of AI.

What do You get From This 1-2-1 Session?

Here Is What You Get From Renford Marsden - When You Book a Consultation With Me

1-2-1 Time, With No Interruptions - The Focus Is Totally On Helping You, No Faff, No Small Talk, Just Facts,

Ask Me Specifics

Simply, My Business Books and Explainer Videos are my passion and world - therefore, those are the topics I am qualified to speak about and guide on.

Screen Sharing

Any relevant demonstrations in the context of the topic you need help with.

Follow-Up Email

You will receive a summary report of our 1-2-1. Plus, any other resource is applicable that is helpful to the topic.

Video Recording

A private video or audio recording of our 1-2-1 meeting generated from MS Teams. So you miss nothing of our session in detail and conversation.