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Saving Money with Bespoke Digital Assets from The Trainer Explainer®

The Trainer Explainer® gives simplicity

Our bespoke digital assets and explainer videos with simplicity give you plenty of choices. Using state of the art creation and editing software for a polished digital product.


With Change and Engagement, we can make it happen at The Trainer Explainer®

The Trainer Explainer® - Variety is the Spice of Life

The variety allows you to make meaningful decisions about the change details in your process. Thus, satisfying your internal stakeholders and your end-users (employees or customers).


Bespoke Digital Assets from The Trainer Explainer® to meet your training delivery needs

The Trainer Explainer® - What about “The Brief”

Based on the original submitted client brief, that develops into a storyboard and script with the explainer video type indicated.

Value for money Bespoke Digital Assets

Our scale of fixed prices is realistic for the time, licence content and the creative work involved in making a bespoke digital assets.

If you compare with the ongoing running costs and expense of using other learning and development resources that may not be viable relating to current budgets. Equally, bespoke digital assets on a cost basis will be the best investment you make. What are you getting for your money is a unique design that will be at the forefront saving mistakes being made and saving your business money in the long term.

Protecting your data and giving you peace of mind

We store the finished explainer video in a secure video hosting platform and you get the private link to deploy as you wish to your staff or customers. Your company brand will be added and our trademark brand and our copyright will be shown in the credits. For security, the explainer video is also watermarked to prevent copyright theft. All these actions are looking after the interests of our clients and protect your business intellectual property as well.

Delivering Change Management with Digital Assets

Deploying a change solution needs to sit well with all parties involved and the most important objective is 100% engagement and buy in to the new process. It is incalculable by ensuring the correct training delivery methodology will meet with enthusiasm and give positive feedback to your change management team.

Storyboarding and the Script that brings meaning to an Explainer Video

We bring it all together including audio - narration, music and sub-titles to make the final version a joy to view for end-user learning delivery. The tone and pitch to the audience cannot be understated. Therefore, the more detail and the persona that is a part of the video creation will lead to success.