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Explainer Videos Within a Book

Explainer videos within a book demonstrate how integrating the art of video making into a manuscript will give more reader resources. Sure this type of process has been done before. But, as a first-time author, it would be a challenge.

Explainer Videos Within a Book Demonstrates How?

The mission target was expanding an exciting series of book chapter topics that had to be understood easily. Very important in the early planning stages to achieve a successful integration. In essence, the written word, including explainer videos to provide synergy. Thus the end result was a creative project that had to have imagination.

Consistency in Explainer Videos

Being sure of consistency in explainer videos was very deliberate. Aiming to keep simplicity in the process or workflow. Heading for audience engagement to be achieved. Thus needs to see this type of resource to be helpful and not a hindrance.

A Batch of Ten

Planning is critical, and understanding the workload involved is essential. The only way to go is to have a form of continuity. This is achieved by creating explainer videos in a batching process. All the storyboards, scripts, audio, and subtitles must show in the same format. The ten chapters all with different themes and explanations.

Accessibility in Explainer Videos

Subtitles must be added to assist in the theme of this book. Therefore, getting this process accurate and right was a high priority. I had to experiment and understand this process. So happy with the end results.



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