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Seeing into a Different Lens

Seeing into a Different Lens - Reading versus Imagery training resources

Seeing into a Different Lens - is there a trade off between reading or imagery training resources for describing a new topic for learning. Genuinely, it always depends on the learning style and the learner.

So how can you accommodate both learning styles so no learner feels disadvantaged? That involves crafting and creativity of the learning resource to be comprehensive with a template that is flexible.

With training resources continually being improved. At top of mind is initial and recurring costs to understand a customer training budget for a pending change project.

At the creative side, it is always important to ensure that quality and variety will encourage positive learning outcomes.

Recently, exploring and discovering of a different methodology for this brand in the explainer video genre, has been enlightening. Creating old style and new style with accessibility functionality included to ensure a better balance.

Traditional methods

A pure document that would have change control is something of a certain generation remember well and accepted as best practice. However, limited use that does not connect well with different learning needs. The world changes and demand is now here for micro-learning to assist learners.

Current methods

Creating a dual use resource that can still be a control document and be converted to a simple explainer video that is captivating to the intended audience. The learning process has to be imaginative and thought through carefully with accessibility in mind.


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