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Being Creative

Starting a being creative project

Being creative and imaginative to bring a business book to the marketplace that the readership will appreciate.

Designing and formatting the manuscript, with the book cover design eye-catching for the reader, is key.

Ensuring that the research meets a high standard and gives confidence to the reader.


Why this project?

Writing A 50+ JOBSEEKER FOOTPRINT business book was needed in the marketplace to help and guide.

But the content continues because the written word is only sometimes enough.

Thus, other audio-visual resources created by The Trainer Explainer®️ will be made available after book publication day.


Using WorkFlows to Help being creative

In my 40+ years of working life, I learnt early on that having the right tools and processes must be in place.

Could you make the project a success? In this case, a big yes.

Therefore, I have used these tools as examples and part of being creative in my role.

I am proud of the business tools that helped to succeed in this project:


Look for ideas that could help you in your business to be part of a helpful solution process.

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