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Practice What You Preach


Practice what you preach will always be a winner.

Because you are always delivering customer expectations without fail.

A win-win with success in the business world.

However, I am writing this blog to deliver on a different theme altogether which is about charity.

This is simply thinking of a special group that sacrifices so much, finishes their service, and is then known as veterans. 


Practice what you preach, was writing a book that will help jobseekers including veterans

As a published author, I wrote my second ebook in September 2023 and paperback in June 2024 titled:


In this book, I dedicated a specific chapter concerning veterans’ employment - it was very much needed.

I shone a light on a specific demographic that has given so much.

Yet, when they leave that service life behind and return to “civvy street” it is a rude awakening!

A more practical approach is to somehow facilitate better communication in a special place.

Practice what you preach, in sponsoring a unique charity event for veterans

That is why Renford Marsden FLPI Creator of THE TRAINER EXPLAINER® 

owned by Wordsmith & Paper Limited is the corporate brand sponsor for this:

Veterans Event | Promoting The Armed Forces Covenant | 1 July 2024

Promoting The Armed Forces Covenant and most importantly this event's partner,

is a cherished respected veterans charity founded in 1919:

Royal British Legion Industries (RBLI) is based in Aylesford, Kent, England.

This charity provides many recognised successful deliverables to help veterans and one in particular needs a special mention:

RBLI LIFEWORKS has an amazing dedicated veteran helping veterans.

With, teams working very hard to help veterans back into meaningful employment.



I believe in corporate social responsibility (CSR).

Supporting an amazing veterans charity mentioned in this blog is the least I can do in a small way.  

Therefore, practice what you preach has to be demonstrated in many practical ways in the business world.

If you are a veteran reading this, all I can say is: "Thank You for Your Service"

Trying is better than not trying. I hope you agree!


About this author:

Renford Marsden FLPI

is a learning and development professional and creative.

Always, pushing boundaries and stereotypes to show that he is clearly

NOT “pale, male and stale.” for the 50-plus age group.