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Published Books

Published books written by Renford Marsden using digital assets from The Trainer Explainer® UK and EU trade mark brand.


A 50+ Jobseeker Footprint - A Help Guide To Assist This Age Group Back Into Work

The journey of a jobseeker in this age group can be frustrating and more so when you have been gainfully employed for decades before.

Understanding the new landscape and navigating the process of finding a job in the 50+ age group is very painful.

This book explains and guides you on a journey of discovery where all the resources provided are FREE and can be used from your smartphone.

Particular attention is directed at knowing yourself and understanding your experiences and skills to enable a plan of action.

Thus, enabling a plan of action for your project to stay on track.

Hopefully, to a new job that motivates you and builds back your confidence and self-esteem.


Idea Stolen! UK Trade Mark Needed - A Help Guide With Video Including Subtitles By: A UK Trade Mark Name Creative & Company Director

This business book written by a business owner who has taken a new brand idea and intellectual property in applying successfully for a UK trade mark name.

It is written for creatives or entrepreneurs that are business owners of UK Limited Companies.

Who may have been considering taking the business brand to the next level with thinking through an intellectual property idea in becoming a UK trade mark name.

This book has been designed for the reader to learn with the facts and references provided.

Understand the whole process involved. Carefully designed mind maps with explainer video including subtitles – by using the camera on your smart phone to scan the QR code.

What is different about this business book is that it has the added value of worksheets for the reader to capture creative intellectual property to be considered and researched.

In addition, at the end of each chapter, you will have helpful information links to:

  • Acronyms.
  • Bibliography.
  • Resources.
  • Worksheet relating to each chapter topic, where the reader can brain storm ideas and understand the process to make the UK trade mark application process easier.