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The Armed Forces Covenant


As a company, we recognise the importance of signing The Armed Forces Covenant in supporting our veterans. Applying the signed pledges is key. Ensuring that top of mind, as a signatory, we are keeping to those promises in a meaningful way.

What is The Armed Forces Covenant?

As a company, we recently submitted signed pledges and it was accepted from the process defined here:

UK Ministry of Defence (MoD) - Explanation Guide 


Actions speak louder than words.

Our company needs to use reliable suppliers from time to time and leading by example to seek out veteran owned service companies is heading in the right direction.


Writing a book that will help jobseekers, including veterans

As a published author, I wrote my second ebook in September 2023 titled and paperback on 13 June 2024:


I dedicated a specific chapter concerning veterans’ employment in this book - it was very much needed.

I shone a light on a specific demographic that has given so much.

Yet, when they leave that service life behind and return to “civvy street” it is a rude awakening!

A more practical approach is to somehow facilitate better communication in a special place.

Sponsoring a unique charity event for veterans to promote The Armed Forces Covenant

That is why Renford Marsden FLPI Creator of THE TRAINER EXPLAINER® 

owned by Wordsmith & Paper Limited is the corporate brand sponsor for this:

Veterans Event | Arundel Castle | 1 July 2024

Promoting this important document and, most of all, for this event's partner,

Is a cherished, respected veterans charity founded in 1919:

Royal British Legion Industries (RBLI) is based in Aylesford, Kent, England.

This charity provides many recognised successful deliverables to help veterans and one in particular needs a special mention:

RBLI LIFEWORKS has an amazing, dedicated veteran helping veterans.

With, teams working very hard to help veterans back into meaningful employment.


The Armed Forces Covenant - Conclusion

I believe in corporate social responsibility (CSR).

Supporting the Armed Forces Covenant and this amazing veterans' charity is the least we can do in a small way.  

Therefore, leading by example can be demonstrated in many practical ways in the business world.

If you are a veteran reading this, all I can say is: "Thank You for Your Service"

Trying is better than not trying. I hope you agree!


About this author:

Renford Marsden FLPI

is a learning and development professional and creative.

Always pushing boundaries and stereotypes to show that he is clearly

NOT “pale, male and stale.” for the 50-plus age group.