Does PR Work?
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Does PR Work?


Does PR work? When the journey ahead is unknown?


However, it is important for the client to listen to the PR team.



Does PR Work?

Public Relations or PR only works if you want it to!

It is about understanding the landscape and trusting your advisors.

Of course, PR works if the message is consistent and genuinely authentic.



A Brand Photoshoot

A Frugal Business Owner

A Veterans Networking Event at Arundel Castle


Being Imaginative With Purpose

A lot of trust is involved.

Accepting leaving your comfort zone.

Seeing the positive results.



Recommendations for an Amazing PR Team


These professional and insightful teams have supported our business.

Including this business owner are:

Anica Broms

Carrie Eddins


Services, Resources and Publications

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Paperback Book: A 50+ Jobseeker Footprint 👣




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