LinkedIn where business opportunities await
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LinkedIn where business opportunities await

LinkedIn where business opportunities await.

Only, if you are consistent and authentic in your approach to quality content delivery for your brand


LinkedIn has a huge user base

  • with over 800+ million users,
  • with over 50+ million registered companies.

That is a huge potential audience for your business.

Who are they?

When you sign up for a LinkedIn account, what happens next?

  • you get your own profile and a list of possible suggested connections.

LinkedIn is a Professional Networking Site

LinkedIn is first and foremost a site for networking with other professionals.

It's perfect for connecting with

  • potential customers,
  • partners,
  • and suppliers.

You can use LinkedIn to research potential leads with an amazing database,

  • find new clients,
  • and identify business opportunities,
  • search for people by job title, industry, company, or location.
  • job search to find potential hires, boards, postings, listings
  • use keyword searches


LinkedIn Company Page

What does company page mean for your business?:

  • a company page is like your own personal profile, but it's for your business.
  • most people use a company page for promotional purposes,
  • but it can also be used to show off your company's talents.
  • you can also create a public company page that other LinkedIn users can see.
  • If you want to create a company page for your business,
    • be sure to create a unique URL and make it easy for people to find.




Example of LinkedIn Company Page

Example of LinkedIn Company Page

LinkedIn Showcase Page

What does a showcase mean for your business?:


  • a showcase page is like your own shop window
  • ensure you create posts on this showcase page
  • optimise this pages functionality
  • with your unique URL to your business website
Example of LinkedIn Showcase Page

Example of LinkedIn Showcase Page


Networking on LinkedIn

You can find people to connect to on LinkedIn, and the site makes it easy to do.

Connecting with people in your industry, wherever in the world

There are plenty of networking opportunities on LinkedIn.

LinkedIn Etiquette

PLEASE READ THIS - LinkedIn Etiquette by Best Selling Author Melonie Dodaro of TopDog Social Media

LinkedIn Connections

You can find like minded business people that is your desired target audience:

  • to connect with through company pages,
  • through the various business groups,
  • connect with through the groups you're already a member of.
  • add request business people to your professional network.
    • do this by sending the potential connection request with a message to introduce yourself - you do not sell or pitch yourself!

LinkedIn is amazing

As already described LinkedIn Is an amazingly powerful software including a comprehensive database.

Used correctly, then only if you are prepared to be:

  • consistent
  • authentic
  • provide quality content for your brand on a regular basis
  • you could be followed,
    • because a business person is interested in reading your content
  • actively engage daily with other LinkedIn user by commenting on their post
  • create well researched posts or articles that are well researched with the appropriate topic hashtags

Your LinkedIn Profile Picture

What do you need?:

  • headshot taken by a professional photographer

Your LinkedIn Profile Picture Explainer Video

What do you need?:

  • golden opportunity to shine to your desired audience - future employer or client
  • use a smartphone
  • explainer video must be less than 30 seconds viewing time
  • must be scripted to give confidence
  • must have subtitles or captions
    • this increases your audience
    • can be found on search engines

Your LinkedIn Profile for Resume or Business

Try optimising your LinkedIn profile it will be trial and error.

Other Linkedin users will find you if:

  • you are using generic searchable job titles

If you have no time and budget then seek:

  • a professional LinkedIn resume expert for employment
  • a professional LinkedIn lead generation expert for sales


Example | LinkedIn Profile | Optimised

Example | LinkedIn Profile | Optimised

Resource: Pictures, Images or Short Video on LinkedIn

Are these file type very important and Why?

  • text on its own is OK
  • however, add images or short video makes the resources readable and more attractive
    • for more LinkedIn content engagement

Here is a comprehensive Linkedin size guide resource from Sarah Clay for images and video



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He has undertaken over 40 years of a working life.

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He holds a PTLLS Level 3 teaching diploma to deliver:

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In addition, Renford has undertaken video editing accredited Camtasia certification with the TechSmith Academy.

Renford has a Level 3 diploma qualification in digital marketing  from City & Guilds.


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