What is Your Why?
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What is Your Why?



What is your why of experiences with knowledge gained and put to practical

use for business and volunteering?

My Age - Is not a Barrier or a hurdle

At 64 years old - Should I need my Why?

So today, What is my Why?

Knowledge and Wisdom

I have the knowledge and wisdom to share and to enhance - it is ongoing.



My business life is one big adventure - I'm not joking, either!

I'm looking forward to getting up in the morning - before 4 a.m.- with a smile on my face.

Because I am excited about my life. I want to leave a legacy of a meaningful work ethic for others.


Experiences - Global Projects

Assignment in North Africa on a civil engineering project delivering fresh water to the indigenous population known as:

The Great Man-Made River Project - Libya.

Project assignment in many countries (Europe, West Africa, USA and Canada) as a team subject matter expert member planning and implementing the biggest deployment of SAP R3 in the world.

Working as a contractor manager civilian specialist with the British Army on OPERATION HERRICK, I learnt about their service, sacrifice and resilience.



Volunteering and Supporting UK Charities

Thinking about others has been very important since childhood, and volunteering opens your eyes to the third sector (charities) that need support.

In my teens and twenties, I volunteered with St John Ambulance.

After coming back from OP HERRICK Afghanistan,

I joined as a branch member of the Royal British Legion to help veterans.

This year, 2024, is going to be exciting with a unique Veterans Event at Arundel Castle, Sussex, England.


Life-Long Learning and Qualifications

I am qualified in my 40s to teach lifelong learning with a teaching Level 3 diploma, PTLLS.

Gaining another City & Guilds qualification with a Level 3 diploma in my 50’s in digital marketing.

You are never too old to learn!

At the age of Sixty, by creating a UK Trade Mark Name - The Trainer Explainer

I am turning 60 and enjoying writing business articles for a digital newspaper.

I could not believe I created a UK trade mark from a simple idea to create digital assets, including explainer videos!


Now, Sixty-One with taking the trade mark onward to a brand

Another year has gone by and reached 61; the UK trade mark was launched as a brand, The Trainer Explainer.


Here we go at Sixty-Two, writing my first business book.

Crikey got to 62 and needed to write a book which included explainer videos with subtitles for:

Idea Stolen! UK Trade Mark Needed




Another year gone, and at Sixty-Three writing my second business book

Where has the time gone and another book to write that became and now becomes a paperback book in 2024:

A 50+ Jobseeker Footprint 👣 (Paperback Version - Published: 13 June 2024)



When I am Sixty-Four and have already started designing digital assets

In 2024, what is my next challenge in being creative with the unique design of digital assets.

In addition, developing being a unique book publisher to help others bring their books to the marketplace.




What is My Why? It's not really the end of my journey!

So here endeth My Why for the moment.

I am certainly a Happier and Wiser older person and proud to be so.

Who knows what is around the next corner of my life ahead?



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About the author: Renford Marsden FLPI:
is a creative, pushing boundaries and stereotypes
He is clearly NOT “pale, male and stale.” for the 50-plus age group.